Meet Workforce Services' New Executive Director: Casey Cameron

Casey Cameron is the new executive director for the Utah Department of Workforce Services, nominated by Governor Spencer J. Cox in December 2020, and confirmed by the Utah Senate on Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021. Casey is the sixth executive director for the agency since it was created in 1997.

Casey has worked for the state of Utah for 21 years, most recently as a deputy director for Workforce Services since 2012, as well as other various management and leadership  capacities within the department. She has been instrumental in several significant departmental changes, such as helping to form the Eligibility Services and Workforce Development divisions. More...

Refugees Carry on the Pioneering Spirit

Utah was founded by pioneers seeking refuge from oppression and that tradition continues today. In his final State of the State address, Governor Gary Herbert compared the refugees living in Utah to the pioneers who founded the state.

“Today new modern pioneers are still coming here in search of a better life and new opportunities,” Herbert said.

Utah is home to more than 65,000 refugees, and each of them add culture and diversity to the state. They all come with a hope for a better life and a desire to make a positive impact on their community. More...