Carrie Mayne of Workforce Research and Analysis Awarded for Tech Efforts

On Oct. 2, 2017, the Utah Department of Workforce Services’ Chief Economist Carrie Mayne received the State Technology Innovator Award for her outstanding efforts in advancing technology policy for the department. The award was given by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO).

Carrie has worked for the state of Utah for the past 11 years serving as the Bureau of Labor Statistics supervisor, a supervisory role on the economist team, and now serves as the department’s chief economist. She has utilized the best technology available throughout her experience at Workforce Services. More...

Eagle Awards Winners Support Veterans in Employment Goals

In the state of Utah, there are hundreds of individuals in the Department of Workforce Services dedicated to helping veterans access resources for employment and assistance programs. Employees of Workforce Services have helped numerous veterans find employment, but a few were honored at this year's veterans conference for going above and beyond to help a veteran in need.

Each year five individuals are honored for their commitment and efforts in assisting veterans to the best of their ability. They spent countless hours helping them find the resources they needed, and for that reason the following individuals were honored with an Eagle Award.

This year’s Eagle Award winners are: More...