Hiring Youth

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Does your business plan include strategies to engage youth as part of your workforce? Hiring youth helps you develop talent, build economic success and sustainability and prepare for the future.

With your support, a young employee can help your workplace flourish. Get the facts about advantages of hiring youth. Their enthusiasm, innovation and skill fostered by your investment in their future is a win-win proposition. It’s an investment that can turn into a real asset.
Why hire youth? 1. Innovation and diversity 2. Tech-savvy 3. Connection to a younger market 4. Willingness to learn 5. Enthusiasm and optimism Government supported training programs, internships and apprenticeships are available to assist employers who hire youth. Source: headspaces.org.au
Gov. Cox identifies talent development as a priority for Utah. The governor recognizes that one of the core building blocks for economic success is a skilled and relevant workforce. In its third year, his administration continues to prioritize people and growth as part of the Utah Home plan to build sustainability for current and future generations.
Infographic: March 2023 Unemployment Rate in Utah is 2.4%. In U.S. is  3.5%. Job growth in Utah is 2.7% and in U.S. is 2.7%. Average weekly initial unemployment insurance claims were 1,511. Initial unemployment insurance claims change was -4.0%.
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According to Mark Knold, chief economist for the Department of Workforce Services, one of the key reasons for the labor market shortages throughout the country is that baby boomers are aging out of the workforce and there is a lack of youthful labor to backfill it. 
Teen Employment Rate: Utah, 53%, U.S. 35%Although the trend isn’t as pronounced in Utah as it is nationwide, there has been a steady, striking decline in teenagers participating in the workforce over the last several decades, according to Knold. While Utah has the nation’s highest teenage labor force participation rate at 53%, there is still a substantial number of youth who are not employed.
  • To see what percentage of the labor force youth account for in your county, click here.
  • For your county’s basic demographic information, click here.
Young people are more likely than other age groups to be unemployed or underemployed and face significant barriers to seeking employment. According to the Department of Labor, at a time when labor force participation rates for teens and young adults have been trending downward and more than 4 million people ages 16 to 24 aren’t in school or working, investing in our future workforce is critical for America’s competitiveness. 

Additionally, research validates that worksite learning experiences for youth, especially youth that reside in opportunity communities, is essential to a society’s economic well-being. 

We are Here to Help You
The Department of Workforce Services administers a variety of programs, fosters local partnerships and provides employer incentives to facilitate worksite learning and employment opportunities for youth:
  • The Career and Education youth program provides education and training opportunities for youth ages 14 to 24 including providing work-based learning and on-the-job training opportunities.
    • If you are interested in hiring a youth or sponsoring a paid internship for a youth, the department can help subsidize your cost of training and mentoring a youth. Please contact a department representative before hiring to take advantage of this funding opportunity.
  • The State Workforce Development Board’s Youth Committee has representation from business, community and educational partners to support improving resources and services for youth.
  • We help employers access no-cost, money-saving services when hiring youth including tax credits and other financial incentives to provide work experience opportunities for potential employees, like on-the-job training, internships and apprenticeships.
    • Free bonding assistance is available to employers that hire individuals who can be harder to employ, such as youth with no work history.
Make worksite learning and engaging youth part of the workforce investment strategy for your business. The benefits are certain to positively impact your bottom line as well as the future of individuals and communities. Contact your local Workforce Development Specialist to learn more.