Growing Apprenticeship Opportunities in Utah

Apprenticeships are a great way to develop a skilled workforce in any industry. They are one of the many pathways that lead to a successful career. Apprenticeships combine on-the-job learning with related classroom instruction. They benefit employers by building a pipeline of high quality and motivated workers trained to the exact skills needed for the job. In Utah there are more than 280 registered apprenticeship programs and more than 4,100 active apprentices. Apprenticeships continue to expand in Utah with opportunities available in automotive, construction, manufacturing, information technology, health care and more.

Gov. Spencer Cox declared Nov. 13-19 National Apprenticeship Week in Utah. To celebrate, Workforce Services hosted our annual Apprenticeship Utah Summit and Job Fair, giving business, industry, education and community partners the opportunity to collaborate on the best ways to build Utah's workforce through apprenticeships.

During the Summit, the apprenticeship awards were presented to those employers, associations and individuals who excelled in advancing apprenticeship in Utah over the last year. Below are the winners. Outstanding Registered Apprenticeship Sponsor Utah Electrical Training Alliance Utah Electrical Apprentice Training Alliance is part of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the National Electrical Contractors Association. The Utah Electrical Training Alliance has grown over the years and has a great retention and graduation rate for apprentices. With a well-rounded education in the electrical trade, their success can be attributed to their adaptability to make updates as new information becomes available. Their staff participates in ongoing education and training that they then pass on to their students. Additionally, the number of women who have gone through the program have excelled in the workforce and thrived in the electrical community. Apprentices who start at the Utah Electrical Training Alliance are able to learn and grow with the program. They get a great education while becoming part of the Utah Electrical Training Alliance family.

Outstanding Registered Apprenticeship Sponsor Utah Manufacturers Association Since 1905, the Utah Manufacturers Association has been a leading advocate for Utah's manufacturing community, representing over 1,200 diverse companies statewide. Recognizing the unique challenges each company faces, UMA serves as a powerful voice for the industry. UMA recently spearheaded a crucial initiative to address workforce needs in machining companies across Utah. Overcoming initial challenges, UMA collaborated with educational partners, leading to the successful implementation of a youth CNC Machinist Technician apprenticeship program. The pilot launched in September 2022 and achieved an exceptional 87.5% success rate by July 2023, leading to increased demand from machining companies statewide. UMA continues to expand its impact, working with multiple school districts and new industry partners to further youth apprenticeships in manufacturing, demonstrating their commitment to supporting students, educators and industry alike.

Outstanding Registered Apprenticeship Employer

DevPipeline DevPipeline’s apprenticeship program cultivates and launches developers into successful tech careers. The program stands out for its exceptional training, fostering a supportive work environment and providing apprentices with the knowledge and experience crucial for employment. DevPipeline goes beyond mere numbers, genuinely caring for each individual in their program. Personalized mentorship, one-on-one sessions and technical training ensures the success and personal growth for each apprentice. The program offers flexibility, allowing participants to retake courses as needed. The positive company culture at DevPipeline accommodates individuals at all skill levels.

Registered Apprenticeship Champion - Sandra Hemmert Sandra Hemmert is the Granite School District CTE Czar! She is an amazing educator dedicated to empowering our youth by providing them with valuable opportunities for their future. She has successfully developed industry relationships to offer hands-on experiences and create pathways through job shadows, project-based learning, internships and apprenticeships. Hemmert ensures that these opportunities are a good fit for all involved, providing resources and support for success. She actively maintains relevance by working with industry partners to update curriculum and tools. Her forward-thinking mindset and commitment to the well-being of the students are truly commendable. She has also played a key role in mobilizing industry partners for legislative support. Registered Apprenticeship Champion

Western Electrical Contractors Association The Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc. (WECA) has been a dedicated force in serving licensed electrical contractors and the industry for over ninety years. Since 1993, WECA has operated Registered Apprenticeship programs and recently obtained approval to expand its reach to three states. With approximately 300 Contractor Members and over 1100 Registered Apprentices, WECA has a strong legacy of graduating over 1750 apprentices. These graduates undergo comprehensive training that assesses success skills such as leadership, communication and conflict resolution. In February 2022, WECA secured approval from the Utah DOL Office of Apprenticeship for its Registered Electrical Apprenticeship Program and secured a training facility in Woods Cross. In April 2022, WECA took the initial step of requesting approval from the Electrician Licensing Board, operating under the Division of Professional Licensing, to gain recognition as reputable and in good standing to be in compliance with Utah Electrician Licensing requirements. Without a formal application process, WECA devised a presentation based on its qualifications and experience to demonstrate the program's credibility. The process of obtaining approval from both the Electrician Licensing Board and the Construction Services Commission was monumental, taking over a year and involving numerous meetings and relentless efforts. Throughout this journey, WECA's unwavering commitment to serving Electrical Contractors and Electricians in Utah was the driving force behind its perseverance in seeking rightfully deserved approval. Ultimately, after a prolonged effort, WECA finally obtained approval from the Construction Services Commission on October 26, 2022 and since then has successfully registered approximately 100 apprentices, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to providing quality training and support to aspiring electricians in Utah.

Outstanding Registered Apprentice

Jacob Dunyon

Jacob’s life has presented many challenges. He grew up without a father and assumed the role of the "man of the house" early on. His mom worked two jobs to provide for him and his sister. After high school, Jacob started in rain gutter and residential electrical work. Through this work he discovered his passion for the trades. As a second year apprentice, he is now working on the construction of a new hospital in Logan by wiring, running conduit racks and laying out home runs and branch circuits. In addition, he has embraced a leadership role, assisting new apprentices, coordinating with other trade foremen and maintaining hands-on work. Jacob has taken what he has learned from various mentors and father figures and molded himself into a great apprentice and leader. His resilience and commitment define his personal and professional growth, making him a deserving candidate for the Outstanding Registered Apprentice award. “When the guys at the bottom (apprentices) have the ability to step up and lead those around them for the benefit of the team, everyone wins, everyone learns, and everything gets things done safely, on time and gets done right the first time.” - Jacob Dunyon