Workforce Wednesday: Following up after the job interview

For jobseekers, a lot rides on the job interview itself. This is an opportunity for both the applicant and employer to ask questions and see if the other is a good fit. The ultimate success of an interview can often be aided by effectively following up afterward.

Skipping down to page 53 in our Smart Start Guide, you’ll see a section on being proactive after the interview (page 10 if you just have the PDF of the chapter on interviewing). Here are a few of the tips: More...

Utah’s strong economy benefiting employers

Unemployment insurance tax rate will see another reduction in 2016

December 3, 2015

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah employers will again see a reduction in unemployment insurance tax rates in 2016, due to a strong economy and healthy Unemployment Compensation Fund.

“Utah’s strong job growth and low unemployment rate have fueled a healthy fund, which translates into lower tax rates for employers,” Gov. Gary R. Herbert said. “The reduction is another indicator that Utah’s economy is strong as we enter 2016.” More...

Workforce Wednesday: Tips for the Job Application Process

For jobseekers, finding the right job is just part of the equation. Since the application process can make or break your chances of landing the position, it’s important to be prepared by creating a career portfolio.

This portfolio should contain things like transcripts, certificates, your employment history awards, performance reviews, work samples, and references. You’ll also want to have your master application, resumé, and cover letter included. More...