Department Cornerstones and Priorities


The Department of Workforce Services uses four cornerstones to determine priorities and key initiatives:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Community Connection
  • Employee Success

The cornerstones also keep the core groups it serves at top of mind:

  • Governor’s Office
  • Utah State Legislature
  • Taxpayers
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Community Partners
Operational Excellence

We deliver the highest quality public service, with innovative methods, at the most efficient cost.

Division Support

  • Division Strategic Plans: Each division at Workforce Services creates an annual strategic plan to hone in on division priorities and track progress.
  • Constant Improvement: Through our internal audit division, we identify areas in need of improvement to ensure we are operating in an efficient matter.
  • Division/Program Integration: We continue to work on integrating programs and procedures, not only with the transition of the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, but with all of our programs and divisions.

Technology Security & Online Services

  • Information Technology (Security): With the Department of Technology Services, we ensure systems are free of fraud and have proper controls.
  • Data Access: Through Workforce Research and Analysis, an unprecedented amount of data is shared to the public including the newly formed Utah Data Research Center. This data must be easily accessible to the public.
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  • Online Services and Communication: We constantly improve our methods of delivering content and services online, which include a website redesign in spring 2018.
Exceptional Customer Service

We meet the needs of our customers with responsive, respectful and accurate service.

Delivery of Services

  • State and Federal Programs: We provide the appropriate services to ensure state and federal programs are available to our customers.

Targeted Populations

  • Veterans: We work to build community and employer partnerships to increase employment opportunities for veterans.
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  • Refugees: Through a community-wide effort, we have partnerships with key community members to serve Utah refugees.
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  • Homeless Individuals: We collaborate with the city, county and state legislature on projects such as Operation Rio Grande to address homelessness.
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  • Individuals with Disabilities: We help individuals with disabilities find competitive integrated employment, integrate into the community and maintain independence.
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  • Intergenerational Poverty: With our Five- and 10-Year state plan and cross-agency collaboration, we are helping families break the cycle of poverty.
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  • Two-Gen Approach: We train our workforce development staff to use family centered case management to help better serve Utah families.
  • Affordable Housing: For low-income families, our department provides assessments and recommendations for affordable options.
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Community Connection

We actively participate with and engage our community partners to strengthen Utah’s quality of life.

Business Engagement

  • 25K Jobs Initiative: Our staff are connecting businesses with resource providers, delivering job opportunities to the unemployed in rural Utah.
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  • Talent Ready Utah: Through development and expansion of career pathway initiatives, we prepare the workforce with high-skill, high-wage jobs.
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  • Division Collaboration: Our divisions collaborate on services and outreach to approach business engagement in a unified effort.

Boards and Associations

  • Partnerships: We connect with our community partners through serving on boards and associations such as the State Workforce Development Board.
Employee Success

We provide an environment that fosters professional growth and personal fulfillment.

Employee Initiatives

  • Outward Mindset:  Our employees are trained to have an outward mindset, which improves behavior that influences our department’s results and culture.
  • Professional Development: We value our employees and their growth by providing professional development training and opportunities.
  • Internal Communication: We keep our employees in the know through open and regular communication and instill a sense of pride through our new brand and logo.