Utah Homelessness Council

The Utah Homelessness Council was enacted by law in 2021, as outlined in Utah Code 35A-16-Part 2.The Council, supported by the Utah Homelessness Coordinator, Wayne Niederhauser and the Utah Office of Homeless Services, is responsible for providing final approval for the homeless services budget, strategic plan and award of funding for the provision of homeless services. Members are identified in Utah Code 35A-16-204 and/or appointed by the Governor.

In cooperation with the Homelessness Coordinator, the Council is responsible for developing and maintaining the homeless services budget, developing and maintaining the strategic plan, reviewing applications and approving funding for the provision of homeless services. Funding for homeless services comes from multiple state and federal sources. In addition, the Council is responsible for the review of local and regional homelessness plans, and cooperates with the Local Homeless Councils as designated by the Utah Homeless Network. 

The Council ensures that services provided to individuals experiencing homelessness are utilized in a cost-effective manner and works to facilitate a better understanding of homelessness. Funding is devoted to programs who provide resources and services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Contracts are awarded to providers based on need, diversity of geographic location, coordination with or enhancement of existing services and the use of volunteers.

For more information on the duties and responsibilities of the Utah Homelessness Council, see Utah Code 35A-16-205.