State Homeless Shelter Cities Mitigation Fund

The State Homeless Shelter Cities Mitigation Fund was created in 2018 with the passing of legislation creating the Homeless Shelter Cities Mitigation Restricted Account. This program aims to mitigate the impact on cities that have an emergency homeless shelter in their city and provide a resource for these areas. The Office of Homeless Services (OHS) is responsible for the creation of a funding competition each year to review proposals for funding from grant eligible entities. Funding is allocated according to the proposals and the Utah Homeless Council (UHC) is the body responsible for approval of funding. The account is funded by a portion of the sales tax revenue of those areas that do not provide emergency shelter services, with the requirement for the size of the emergency shelter varying depending on the population of the specific area. Details concerning the requirement for shelter size can be found in the Utah Code. Grant-eligible entities are certified each year on or before October 1st. The currently reviewing certified entities eligible to apply for grant funds are: 

  • Utah Department of Public Safety
  • Cedar City
  • Logan City
  • Midvale City
  • Ogden City
  • Richfield City/li>
  • Salt Lake City
  • South Salt Lake City
  • St. George City

The State Homeless Shelter Cities Mitigation Fund is administered by the Utah Office of Homeless Services. Questions regarding the RFP process or funding can be directed to