Hospital Kits

Sanderson Center has prepared hospital kits for Deaf patients and Hard of Hearing patients. Please download the Hospital Kit(s) Order Form, fill it out and send it to us. For your convenience, you can pay for the Hospital Kit(s) below.

The Hard of Hearing Specialist can give you a one-hour presentation to demonstrate how the hospital kits can help hearing people bridge communication barriers with Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients in a medical setting.

Quote by the Sanderson Center’s director: “When you are the patient in a hospital and you have a hearing loss, it is good to have an advocate with you as much as possible for your own safety and comfort.”

Hospitals and agencies are welcome to purchase the ready-made kits online from the Sanderson Center at the exact cost. CDs are available that includes all of the supplies needs of where you can purchase items to make kits.

Please be cautious that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing kits are similar items but they are not the same.