Seasonal Employment

With the holidays and winter approaching, ‘tis the season for hiring seasonal employees. As an employer, you may need to use different hiring strategies and data in an already competitive employment market.

According to the economists at Workforce Services, the people you are likely to hire for your seasonal positions already have jobs. In fact, with Utah’s dynamic economy and plentiful employment opportunities for job seekers, the state has twice as many hires as it has quits at any given time. Thus, job seekers can be particular and selective, especially with seasonal employment.

Although seasonal job seekers may be attracted to the jobs that pay the most, they may have other reasons to seek out positions in your organization such as: 

  • Learning about you as an employer and liking your company culture
  • Getting their foot in the door for full-time opportunities within your organization 
  • Being passionate about the work your company does
  • Exploring different industries and careers
  • Exercising the discounts and fringe benefits you may offer
  • Building their resume or filling in employment gaps 
  • Preparing for their next job
  • Earning extra money 

A seasonal opportunity with your company may also appeal to job seekers if you offer flexible work schedules, a variety of job duties and extra cash for the holidays. 

How will you incentivize your seasonal employment opportunities, attract job seekers and prepare for the unique challenges of seasonal hiring? 

  • On average, 6% of Utahns in the workforce have more than one job. This percentage includes the fluctuations with seasonal employment throughout the year. To explore the industries, earnings and trends of multiple job holders, click here.
  • Utah’s counties experience the ebb and flow of seasonal employment differently. How seasonal is the economy in your area? 
    • To find out the seasonality of your county, click here
    • To find out the seasonally adjusted unemployment rates for your county, click here.
  • Some of the frustrations and disadvantages of seasonal employment for job seekers include: 
    • Reduced pay compared to full-time, permanent positions
    • Minimal training
    • Intense work schedules
    • Cost of housing
  • It’s always good to remember compliance tips for hiring seasonal employees, especially during the holidays.
  • Your local Workforce Development Specialists are able to assist you with your seasonal hiring strategies including:
    • Targeted on-site recruitments in a local employment center
    • Updating your posted job orders in to reflect attractive seasonal opportunities, incentives and benefits
    • Access to local hiring events in your area 
    • Connecting to a network of local companies that have seasonal hiring needs opposite of yours 
    • Utilizing your local service area’s Facebook page
  • Our website is a great resource to find information specific to employers about a variety of topics including monthly employment summariesimpacts of rising inflation on employment in Utah and the post-pandemic labor market in the Beehive state.

The Department of Workforce Services is here to assist you with your hiring needs every day and with every season. Connect with your local team to access strategies and information.

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