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The Department of Workforce Services website connects employers to more than 180,000 job seekers actively looking for work. When you post your open positions on, you gain access to a free job matching system that provides you with a list of job seekers who match your job’s description. You will have access to job seekers’ resumes and the ability to directly connect with them through email.
When you post a job you have access to job seeker's resumes and the ability to directly connect with them through email at

Additionally, the following features on can make posting jobs easier for you:
  • Integrate your business' job posting system with the department's system. This will allow Workforce Services to get jobs directly from your system and will allow you to reach a wider audience. Contact us to set up this option.

  • Duplicate similar past job postings to speed up the job posting process. 

  • Upload multiple job listings at once by using an Excel file. 

Infographic: May 2023 Unemployment Rate in Utah is 2.3%. In U.S. is 3.7%. Job growth in Utah is 2.9% and in U.S. is 2.6%. Average weekly initial unemployment insurance claims were 1,375. Initial unemployment insurance claims change was 1.3%.
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Here are some helpful tips to attract job seekers to apply for your posted positions and to maximize the potential number of job seeker matches.
  • Clearly define job titles and the job description
    • Include enticing perks of the job
    • Highlight and prioritize the essential job duties
  • Use plain language
  • Identify the wage
  • Complement your well written job order with a simple and straightforward application process
    • Ensure it is fast, requires minimal clicks and doesn’t require supplements (e.g. cover letter and assessment) to a resume if they are not necessary
Helpful features when posting at Mark your favorite candidates and then email them all together or individually. Filter candidates by rank, favorites and commuting distance. Include information about your job order or hiring processes. See who and how many candidates have viewed your position.
To find additional information and resources or if you need help posting your positions:
  • Contact your local Workforce Development Specialist
  • Chat with us online, you must be logged into your employer account 
  • Call us at 801-526-0997 or toll-free at 1-888-920-9675
  • Use this Job Description Writing Tool
  • Download the recently updated Smart Start Guide for job seekers
    • Know what guidance job seekers are incorporating when applying and interviewing for your jobs
Watch this tutorial to assist you in posting jobs on