Workforce and Economic Data

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Sustaining and growing your business will always be influenced by challenges in the economy. Access to and application of accurate, relevant and reliable information are some of the best ways to manage the current challenges and plan for the future.

Accurate data + Reliable data + Relevant data = Solid decision-making
The Department of Workforce Services is Utah’s source for tailored economic and workforce data and analysis to help you make business decisions. Our economic data connects you with monthly employment updates and provides a wealth of economic, demographic and labor force data. The information is powerful, and it is at your fingertips.
Infographic: June 2023 Unemployment Rate in Utah is 2.4%. In U.S. is 3.6%. Job growth in Utah is 3.2% and in U.S. is 2.5%. Average weekly initial unemployment insurance claims were 1,426. Initial unemployment insurance claims change was 9.5%.
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At, you can access the following economic data for employers: 
A graphic of a graph chart.
A graphic of a computer screen that says job on it with a magnifying glass.
  • Estimate the number of active job seekers in your area (Use the dropdown menu at this link to select "Job Seekers Actively Seeking Work")
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  • Research the labor force profiles in your area, breaking down the information by age, education, commuting patterns and more
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Workforce Services provides these tools to help employers understand Utah’s economy. Local insights that provide county and regional snapshots of respective economic profiles are immediately available. You can also access industry briefs as well as reports and presentations on our website. 

If these tools generate questions for you andA check mark your business, Workforce Services has a team of local experts in your area to answer them. Your service area director, economist and workforce development specialists are available to serve you.