Labor Market Data

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Businesses who use qualitative and quantitative data are well equipped to optimize current performance and resources as they create sustainable growth plans.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics produces data to help agencies with economic and workforce information including occupational outlooks. You can access Utah-specific data for employers at to help develop solid business plans and make the best business decisions. Department of Workforce Services’ expert economists and data specialists analyze economic data and statistics statewide. 
Info facts. August 2023. Unemployment rates, Utah: 2.5%, U.S. 3.8%. Job growth rates: Utah 2.5%, U.S. 2.0%. Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims (average weekly): 1,502. Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Change as a % of the labor force (from the prior year) 27.9%.
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Access county and regional snapshots at for a comprehensive look at the economy and its performance. The image shows a small map of Utah separated by county.
You can find the economic and labor market information to support your business and influence your decisions. Visit and our Local Insights to view labor market analysis for your decision-making in the areas of regional planning, economic development and policy design. 
  • View snapshots of job counts and additional economic variables at the county and regional levels. You can also compare county snapshots to state and U.S. economies. 
  • Read the most recent post on the economic blog discussing the increase in wages for teen workers in Utah.