Leveraging labor market data for employers

The dynamic and challenging times of today’s economic and workforce needs must be met with relevant, accurate information to support employers with their business plans. The successful economic advancement of the state is a key priority in Governor Cox’s One Utah Roadmap, and the Utah labor market cannot perform successfully without helpful data to influence solid decision making regarding industry strategies and talent development. 

An image of an arrow made up of five boxes to show progression. Each box contains a different step. 1. Qualitative and quantitative data. 2 Creates insights. 3. Generates real-time capabilities. 4. Optimizes performance. 5. Promotes sustainable growth.
The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics produces data to help agencies with economic and workforce information including occupational outlooks. However, the Department of Workforce Services is Utah’s tailored source for local economic and workforce details to help you develop solid business plans and make the best data driven decisions.

Infographic: June 2022 Unemployment Rate in Utah is 2.0% and the U.S. is 3.6%. Job growth in Utah is 3.5% and in U.S. is 4.2%. Average weekly initial unemployment insurance claims were 1,222. Initial unemployment insurance claims change was -48.4%.

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Businesses who use the qualitative and quantitative data are well equipped to optimize current performance and resources as they create sustainable growth plans. Workforce Services provides tools to employers to help them understand the Utah economy and its workforce. With these tools, employers have access to relevant links that inform about:

If these tools generate questions for you and your business, Workforce Services has a team of local experts in your area made up of service area directors, economists and workforce development specialists to answer and assist.

The data is available and so are the professionals to help you analyze it. Let Workforce Services be your resource for economic and workforce information as you build your business plans and strengthen your organization.

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The Workforce Development Division and the rest of the Department of Workforce Services are here for your business. Post your jobs, get access to 200,000 resumes, find economic data and more.