The Office of Refugee Resettlement reports that the average wage for refugees in Utah is $8.25 per hour — not enough to become self-sufficient and support a family. Programming at the Refugee Education and Training Center serves as a bridge to help refugees access higher education and training programs needed for better paying jobs.

Current Programs:

  • ESL - Job Readiness and Financial Literacy
    Course focuses on helping refugees gain English language capabilities relating to employment and financial literacy.
  • Steps to Success
    Increases the understanding of job application skills by creating resumes and master applications, one-on-one practice interviews, and learning effective job searching techniques.
  • Jobs Connections
    Connects job seekers with employers through job panels, employer site tours, employment orientation, and job and resource fairs.
  • Business 101
    Course helps refugee entrepreneurs devise a business plan.
  • Childcare Licensing
    Course focuses on a variety of workshops needed to complete the requirements for a childcare license.
  • Computer Literacy
    Three-part course to help refugees gain basic computer literacy


The Refugee Education and Training Center’s partners are connecting refugees to training programs that will help them obtain the skills needed for higher paying jobs to support their families.

Current Programs:

  • Warehousing
  • Composites
  • Microbusiness Connection Center
    Assists entrepreneurs in developing business plans and connecting with resources in the community.
  • Individual Development Account (IDA)
    A four-week workshop that educates refugees about financing and the importance of saving. An IDA is a monthly match savings program that matches any savings accounts refugees setup for education, their own business, a house or a car.

Youth Education

The Refugee Education and Training Center provides youth and young adults the opportunity to connect with higher academic learning and training as they begin their job exploration and careers.

Current Programs:

  • Refugee Coding Project
    Course provides STEM-based education through computer programming, robotics and critical thinking activities.
  • College Readiness Courses
    Workshops focused on helping refugee youth apply for FAFSA and scholarships, and support them through the college application process.
  • 4H Classes

Community-Led Events

The Refugee Education and Training Center serves as a gathering place for refugee community groups to hold meetings to build stronger and more integrated communities.

Current Programs:

  • Bhutanese computer class
  • Sudanese computer class
  • Community meetings
  • Women's sewing group
  • Youth leadership training
  • College readiness classes