About the Office of Child Care


Since 1997, the Office of Child Care (OCC) has helped thousands of parents maintain employment by providing quality, affordable care. By doing so, the OCC plays an integral role in supporting the mission of the Department of Workforce Services, which is to strengthen Utah’s communities by supporting the economic stability and quality of our workforce. OCC supports families that participate in the workforce through our employment- supported child care program and we provide programs and services for the child care workforce. 

OCC serves over 13,000 children monthly and provides information so parents can find appropriate care—with an emphasis on parental engagement, school preparation, and professional development for caregivers and teachers, and safe environments.

Our mission is to provide accessible, affordable, and quality child care for Utah children. Quality child care is a key component of Utah’s economy; supporting employment and economic stability for communities and promoting the safety and health of developing children. OCC addresses all stakeholder needs through a comprehensive system including subsidies, grants, quality indicators, child care resources, provider help lines, head start collaboration and after school program support.

OCC develops effective partnerships with educational partners, child care providers, parents, and the community in order to provide appropriate care for Utah’s children.