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The Office of Child Care (OCC) and the Utah Registry for Professional Development (URPD) provide a wide variety of courses to support professional development for Utah’s early learning and youth professionals through the Care About Childcare site. Those that choose to participate can register for a profile at Care About Childcare.

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Course Catalog

The course catalog includes all of the approved Career Ladder courses offered through Care About Childcare as well as community and online partners. 

For step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the Course Catalog, access the Course Catalog Navigation Guide.

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Course Calendar

The course calendar provides information about upcoming courses and allows professionals to register for Care About Childcare courses. Affordable courses are offered through Utah’s Care About Childcare agencies and our community partners across the state. These courses support the requirements of the Career Ladder System. The course calendar provides information about upcoming courses.

All course participants will be required to follow the Care About Childcare Course Code of Conduct.

For step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the Course Calendar, access the Course Calendar Navigation Guide.

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Freelance Instructor Network (FIN)

Looking for a way for your staff to receive more training and Career Ladder credit hours? We have an exciting professional development opportunity that will provide a way for programs to arrange on-site training for their staff.

The Freelance Instructor Network allows programs to independently contract with an approved instructor to teach Care About Childcare courses for their employees. Programs will be able negotiate the time and place of the training with the contracted instructor.

Contact your local Care About Childcare to request the FIN contact list for your area.

  1. Contact an instructor on the list and discuss your program’s professional development needs.
  2. Independently contract with an instructor to teach a Care About Childcare course for the staff at your program.

For more information please see our Freelance Instructor Network (FIN) Information and FAQ for Programs. Please contact your local Care About Childcare with any questions regarding this program.

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For questions, please contact your regional Care About Childcare agency or the Utah Registry for Professional Development.