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Head Start programs help children get ready to succeed in school and in life through learning experiences tailored to their changing needs and abilities.

Head Start programs support children's growth from birth to age 5 through services centered around early learning and development, health, and family well-being. Head Start staff actively engage parents, recognizing family participation throughout the program as key to strong child outcomes. Head Start services are available at no cost to children ages birth to 5 in eligible families.

Programs deliver child development services in center-based, home-based, or family childcare settings. All Head Start programs continually work toward our mission for eligible children and families to receive high-quality services in safe and healthy settings that prepare children for school and life.

Collaboration offices, funded by a grant from the Administration for Child and Families, create a visible presence for Head Start at the state level and assist in the development of multi-agency and public-private partnerships among Head Start and other interested stakeholders. 

Current priorities for the Utah Head Start Collaboration Office, as required by the grant from the Office of Head Start:

  • Partner with State childcare systems emphasizing the EHS-CC Partnership Initiatives.
  • Work with State efforts to collect data regarding early childhood programs and child outcomes.
  • Support the expansion and access of high-quality workforce and career development opportunities for staff.
  • Collaboration with State Quality Rating Improvement Systems (QRIS).
  • Work with State school systems to ensure continuity between Head Start and Kindergarten Entrance Assessment (KEA).
  • Regional Priorities.

The Utah Head Start State Collaboration Office (UHSSCO) addresses the needs of Head Start with respect to collaboration, coordination and alignment of early childhood services and systems to ensure disadvantaged children, birth to school entry, and their families receive the supports needed to succeed. The Head Start Act of 2007 (Head Start Act) outlines the requirements for the UHSSCO grant, which was awarded to Utah to facilitate collaboration among Head Start agencies and entities that carry out activities designed to benefit low-income children and their families.  As part of the requirements of the grant, the UHSSCO conducts a needs assessment to identify the systems and services that need alignment so disadvantaged children and their families experience a healthy, secure, and strong academic start.

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"The Utah Head Start Collaboration Office engages in working together with State Agencies and Head Start grantees to support each other in streamlining services to increase positive outcomes. I look forward to our ongoing work together and all the possibilities to come.

-Wendy Byron
Director, Head Start Collaboration Office

Wendy Byron
Director, Head Start Collaboration Office
Phone: (385) 285-2436
Email: wlbyron@utah.gov