Early Learning Resources and Core Competencies

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Utah Early Childhood Core Competencies

Utah’s Core Competencies serve as a guide to what early care and youth education professionals should know and be able to do to provide quality care.

Utah Early Learning Guidelines Birth to Age Three

Utah’s Early Learning Guidelines for Birth to Age Three provide a framework for understanding developmentally appropriate expectations for infants and toddlers. These guidelines come from research by The National Infant and Toddler Child Care Initiative about what children should know (understand) and do (competencies and skills) in different domains of learning.

Utah Core State Standards for Early Learning for Ages 3 to 5

The purpose of the Utah Early Learning Standards: Ages 3 to 5 document is to give administrators, early childhood professionals and families of preschool-aged students guidance and resources regarding developmentally appropriate standards and goals for young children and students. Early childhood education is comprehensive and promotes cognitive, physical, language and social emotional development. These standards foster school readiness and build a foundation for later academic and social success.

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