Scholarships and Financial Support

Gain experience. Go to school. Get paid back. Earn up to $3,500

The Early Education Payback Program provides reimbursement for the cost of early childhood education college credits. Students can earn up to $3,500 per semester while working at least 15 hours in the early childhood education field.

Early Education Payback Program

  • Earn up to $3,500 per semester as a reimbursement payment
  • Declare a major in early childhood education, elementary education, child development, early childhood special education 
  • Work at least 15 hours/week in a licensed or DWS approved, license-exempt program as designated by the Utah Department of Health & Human Services - Child Care Licensing Program.
  • Receive a C- or higher in each course to qualify
  • Submit an application within three months after the end of the semester
  • For questions, contact the Utah Registry for Professional Development (URPD) at or 435-797-2468.

How to Qualify

If not majoring in one of the fields listed above, you are not eligible for this scholarship and should apply for the Career Ladder Approved College Course Scholarship (see below).

College Course Scholarship

  • Earn up to $750 per Career Ladder-approved course for up to 12 credit hours/semester as a reimbursement payment
  • Available for those who are working at least 15 hours/weekin a licensed or DWS approved, license-exempt program as designated by the Utah Department of Health & Human Services - Child Care Licensing Program and do not have a declared major in the one of fields listed in the description of the Early Education Payback Program. If students are majoring in the fields listed in the Early Education Payback Program, then they are not eligible for this scholarship and should apply for the Early Education Payback Program above. Both college scholarships cannot be applied for at the same time.
  • Students must receive a grade of C– or higher to qualify and submit application within three months after the end of the semester

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Conference Registration Scholarship

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Free Quorum eLearning Membership

OCC is providing a FREE year-long membership to Quorum eLearning for professionals in the state who work with children. 

  • Your membership is FREE to you, and valid for 12 months from the date of registration.
  • Course options include a wide variety of topics, including ALL of the training needed to obtain your CDA.
  • All courses are Career Ladder approved, with many options available in Spanish.
  • Sign up today by going to, choosing your language, selecting Utah, and then filling out the registration form.
  • Quorum members can save up to 35% on an Early Childhood Education Associate or Bachelor's Degree from Rasmussen University. For more information on this benefit, click here

General OCC Scholarships

The Office of Child Care (OCC) and the Utah Registry or Professional Development (URPD) provide financial support for individuals working towards professional development goals in the youth and early childhood fields. Our ongoing scholarships provide a variety of opportunities to receive funding to help pay for early childhood certificates and credentials.

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Professional Development Incentive

The Professional Development Incentive (PDI) encourages progression along Utah’s Career Ladder by offering financial incentives to eligible youth and early learning professionals as they achieve professional development milestones. For a limited-time only, a $250 COVID-19 Relief Bonus is being added to each level of the PDI.

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Scholarship Payments

URPD uses PaymentWorks to pay all scholarship and professional development incentive reimbursements. These reimbursements will be paid through direct deposit, and applicants will need to submit an IRS W9 Form and account information through URPD's PaymentWorks system. Please click here for more information about PaymentWorks.

Scholarship and Incentive Policies

To view more detailed information on eligibility, requirements and the application process, please review the applicable policy.

Contact Us

For questions, please contact your regional Care About Childcare agency or the Utah Registry for Professional Development.