EBT Card Basic Instructions

After being approved for services, you will receive a plastic card with a magnetic strip (like the one on a credit or debit card) in the mail, which you can use to connect with your cash, and SNAP (food stamp) assistance. Your EBT card will arrive in a white envelope with an out of state address. If you are homeless or have no mailing address, your card will be sent to a post office near you marked for General Delivery. 

Once you receive your EBT card you will need to contact the Horizon Helpdesk at the number listed below to activate your card and select a PIN. The Personal Identification Number (PIN) protects your account from being used by someone else.

Choose a PIN that is not easily guessed. Keep your PIN secret and do not write it down on the card or card sleeve. Without the PIN, nobody else can use your card. Change your PIN often.

Keep your Horizon card even if your case closes.  This will save you time if you apply again for help in the future, as you won't have to wait for a new card to be mailed to you.

Call the Horizon Card Helpdesk at (800) 997-4444 if:

  • Someone knows your PIN without your OK
  • You need to change your PIN number
  • You have questions on how to use your card
  • Your card is not working
  • Your card is lost or stolen
  • You need a replacement card
  • You need to check your balance
  • The ATM doesn’t give you the correct amount of money

The Helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You may also access your account by using the Connect EBT mobile app for android and IOS or by using the website at www.connectebt.com 

Horizon Card - SNAP (Food Stamps) 

You can use your Horizon card like a debit card at most stores that sell food.

  • Once the cashier has totaled the items you can buy with the Horizon card, you will pass your Horizon card through a point-of-sale (POS)
    machine in the checkout line and enter your PIN.
  • The cost of the items you buy will be subtracted from the amount in your SNAP (Food Stamp) EBT account.
  • Once the sale is complete, you will receive a receipt that shows the amount of your purchase and the amount of money that is left in your EBT account.
  • You should keep these receipts so you know how much of the food stamp money remains in your EBT account each time you go to the store.
  • You should also keep these receipts as your record of SNAP (Food Stamp) purchases in case there are problems or questions with your account.

For a list of what you can and can’t buy with SNAP (Food Stamps), please click here .

For every month that you receive SNAP (Food Stamp) benefits, your benefits will be automatically deposited into your EBT account based on the first letter of your last name:

  • A - G available on the 5th
  • H - O available on the 11th
  • P - Z available on the 15th

EBT Card - Cash Benefits

You may use your card to buy the things you need at most stores.

You can also withdraw your cash benefits at most ATM’s and store point-of-sale (POS) machines. A small transaction fee may be charged to your account when you do this and stores may limit the amount of cash you can get back with a purchase.

Your cash benefits are available the first of every month after 6:00 a.m. If the ATM does not give you the cash you requested, but still deducts it from your account, call the Horizon Card Helpdesk at 1-800-997-4444. This is called an ATM mis-dispense. Unfortunately the Department of Workforce Services cannot replace this money, but the Horizon Card company will look at your case and see if the money needs to be put back on your card.  We have had fewer reports of ATM misdispense problems from customers who withdraw cash at a bank or credit union ATM or make a purchase with cash back at a grocery store.

UTA Discount Passes

UTA Discount Passes (available for use on the UTA system from Payson to Brigham City)

Use the cash value on your Utah State Horizon Card to purchase the Adult Monthly Pass and receive a discount of approximately 25%.

The pass is good for unlimited travel on local buses, TRAX and Streetcar for one calendar month.

This fare applies to passengers ages 18-64.

Additional fare will be required on express and premium services, including FrontRunner commuter rail.

To find out where you can buy a discount bus pass with the cash value on your Horizon card, click here