Family Employment Program - Two Parent (FEP-TP)

The Family Employment Two Parent Program (FEP-TP) helps families increase their income and become self sufficient through employment. 

Both parents must be able to work and have children they are supporting living in their home.  The parents may also qualify if they don't have any children living with them, but the mother is in her third trimester of pregnancy. 

If one or both parents are unable to work, they can apply for the regular Family Employment Program (FEP) 

Services Include:

  1. Cash assistance.   FEP-TP is a pay after performance program.  Both parents must work with an employment counselor to develop an employment plan and participate in specific activities for the required number of hours before the cash assistance payment is given. 
    • Cash assistance is limited to 7 months in any 13 month period and the months cash assistance is received count toward the 36 month FEP life time limit.
  2. Employment counseling services, such as help with job search and learning skills that will help you be successful on the job, are provided to all eligible parents.
  3. You may be able to get help with paying for child care if this is needed for you to participate in your employment plan activities.
  4. Social Work Services, such as an assessment and referral to treatment, can be provided if needed.
  5. You may also be eligible for other DWS supportive services such as medical assistance and SNAP.

To learn more about the basic eligibility information for this program, click here.