Basic Review Instructions

  • If you are receiving help through a program, we must review your case every 6 to 12 months in order to be sure that you should continue to receive help.
  • If your review is completed late, your payments could be made late or could be reduced.

Online Review

  • If you are registered on myCase, you can go online to complete your review online.
  • If you complete your review on myCase, there is no need for you to return your paper review.
  • You will receive your review forms in the mail the month before it is due.

Paper Review

  • Please complete your review forms and return them to your worker within 10 days.

Returning Requested Items (Verifications)

  • It is important that you save all check stubs, bank statements, and rent or mortgage information.
  • After your worker gets your completed review, they may schedule an appointment for you or contact you by phone to go over the information on your review.
  • You will receive a letter that will list items needed in order to complete your review. If you cannot get these items, please let your worker know so they can help.
  • If you return the requested items by 5pm, they will be date stamped that day. If you return them after 5pm (such as putting them in a drop box or faxing them after business hours), they will be date stamped the next business day. This could affect when your benefits begin if the next business day is beyond the 30 day review period.
  • You will receive a letter when your review has been completed.

If Your Case Closes

  • If your case closes because you did not return the review forms or you did not complete them properly, you have 30 days after the closure date to complete the review.
  • If you complete your review within 30 days after your case closes, your benefits will be prorated (reduced) based on the date you complete your review.