Family Resources

Workforce Services provides a variety of services and resources that can help lift families out of poverty and on the road to self-sufficency. Below are a few of our resources based on four areas of child well-being:

Early Childhood Development Resources

Children in high-quality child care programs support their growth and development. Help your child become better prepared for kindergarten and life by searching for high quality child care at Care About Childcare.

Family Economic Stability Resources

A family must have enough income to meet a family's basic needs, including food, shelter, clothing and transportation. One of the ways to improve income is through employment. Workforce Services provides job fairs and onsite recruitments for participants to meet with employers. It also offers a WorkSuccess Program and free workshops at its employment centers that help build skills such as interviewing, resume writing, job searching and budgeting.

Education Resources

Youth must be progressing in their academic careers to ensure high-school graduation and to increase opportunties for future success. For youth ages 14-24, Workforce Services provides a WIOA Youth Program to help them connect with educational resources and develop skills to become more employable as they become adults.

Health Resources

Minimizing the behaviorial health impacts of childhood trauma and improving the use of nutrious meals at home are just a few of the things that can help improve the overall health of a family. Workforce Services provides life skills workshops at its employment centers, including parenting skills, relationship skills and healthy eating on a budget.