Family Employment Program

Click here to view a video with helpful information about how the Family Employment Programs may benefit you and your family. 

Family is important at the Department of Workforce Services (DWS). We are dedicated to working with you and in helping your family move toward self-reliance.

The Family Employment Program is a temporary cash assistance program for families. The program can provide up to 36 months of financial support to a family within a lifetime.

While in the program, we will work together to help you:

  • Gain greater financial independence

  • Learn work skills that may lead to a better paying job

  • Learn valuable life skills

  • Be a positive role model for your children

If there are two parents living in the household, and both are able to work, you may qualify for the Family Employment Two-Parent program.  This is also a temporary cash assistance program. Please let your employment counselor know if this is your situation and they can discuss this option with you.

To learn more about the basic eligibility information for this program, click here.

Who You will Work with at the Department of Workforce Services

When you apply for the Family Employment Program or cash assistance, your case is assigned to two different workers - an eligibility worker and an employment counselor. 

  • Your eligibility worker is involved in multiple programs at DWS, not just the Family Employment Program. They will work towards determining your eligibility for SNAP, medical
    and the Family Employment Program.
  • Your employment counselor is different than your eligibility worker. Your employment counselor is assigned to work with you specifically because of the Family Employment Program.

Office of Recovery Services – Child Support

One requirement of being part of the Family Employment Program is working with the Office of Recovery Services (ORS) to seek child support payments.

The first part of the Office of Recovery Services process is filling out an application, either a paper application that may be found at your local Department of Workforce Services office or an online application located at Safety is always a priority for the department so please let your employment counselor know if you have any safety concerns about pursuing child support.  Ask your employment counselor if you would like additional information about the Office of Recovery Services or the impact the Family Employment Program has on child support payments. You can also find more information on the Office of Recovery Services website at

Licensed Clinical Therapist Services

Each employment center has a licensed clinical therapist as an additional resource for our parents in the Family Employment Program. We understand that life is stressful, and balancing many responsibilities can be tough. Everyone could use a little extra support sometimes. Please let your employment counselor know if this is your situation and they can discuss this option with you.

If you or someone you know is experiencing or has experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or sexual harassment, please find resources for help here.