Utah Work Incentives Planning Services FAQ

Do you help people apply for Social Security disability benefits?

No. We only serve people who are already on Social Security disability benefits (SSDI, SSI, CDB/DAC, DWB).

Who do you serve?

Anyone receiving Social Security disability benefits who want to know how working impacts their benefits. We typically serve people between fourteen years old and full retirement age.

What happens after I am referred to UWIPS?

Once the referral is received, UWIPS will assign a Benefits Specialist covering the area where you live. The referral is given to one of our schedulers, who will call you. Once you are contacted, an appointment is scheduled. UWIPS usually meets with clients at the Vocational Rehabilitation office closest to them, but may also meet at other public locations, like the Department of Workforce Services offices. You will meet with the Benefits Specialist at least twice. The first appointment is an intake where we explain our program, gather information, and have you sign the necessary releases. Before the second appointment, the Benefits Specialist will research the your benefits, consult with any needed sources (such as Social Security or Medicaid), and write up a customized Benefits Summary based on your individual situation.

At the second appointment, the Benefits Specialist will review the Benefits Summary with you and help you understand the various benefits and working rules (ie. work incentives). The Benefits Specialist will also talk about what actions you may need to take, now and in the future. They also teach you how to report changes to Social Security and other agencies, and let you know about resources that might be helpful to you. You are always welcome to contact UWIPS again if changes arise or you need a refresher. If it has been a while since you have been in contact with a Benefits Specialist, a new intake may be necessary.

I know I have been referred to UWIPS, but I have not heard from anyone yet. What should I do?

We usually have a lot of people who we are trying to schedule an appointment with, so it may take a few weeks for us to call you. If it has been several weeks since you were referred and you have not heard from us, call (801) 887-9530.

What should I bring to the first appointment?

Bring the following, when possible:

  • If applicable, your Representative Payee or any support people who help you with your finances and benefits.
  • Information about any earnings you’ve had since you became entitled to Social Security disability. 
  • Letters from Social Security and the Department of Workforce Services showing what benefits you are receiving.
  • Your Social Security Number and Department of Workforce Services Case Number (when applicable).
  • Health coverage information (Medicaid card, Medicare card, Medicare Part D prescription drug card, etc.) 
  • Information about your out-of-pocket medical costs.

How much do these services cost?

Nothing.  Our services are free to the client.

How long will the appointments take?

Anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.

How much can I make and still keep my Social Security?  Why can’t you just tell me over the phone how much I can earn?

The answer to how much someone can earn and how their benefits will be impacted depends on many different factors and could be different for each person.   (For example– which benefits the person is on, which programs they utilize, who is in their household, etc.) Until we meet with you and learn more about your individual situation, we won’t be certain how much you can earn or what other benefits would be impacted.  We want to make sure we are giving you accurate information.