Vendors and Community Rehabilitation Partners

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A vendor is a person or business that provides services to Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) clients that will lead to successful employment in the client’s vocational goal. You too can become a vendor. There are two types of vendors; non-contract “fee-for-service” vendors as well as “contract vendors” such a Community Rehabilitation Providers that provide direct job development services. VR reviews the application of all prospective vendors who apply. 

VR reviews all prospective vendors of goods and services to clients. The need for the good or service, qualifications of the provider, program specifications, ADA accessibility and costs are reviewed before a vendor is approved for use by the Facilities Director. Types of goods and services approved may include: employment services through employment service organizations, medical services, higher education, vocational training, transportation, orthotics and prosthesis. VR maintains a fee schedule for frequently purchased goods and services that support clients.

Use the Vendors Approval Packet or the Community Rehabilitation Partners Application to begin your application process. For Community Rehabilitation Partners, please refer to Chapter 30 of our Client Services Manual. For more information, call 801-887-9500.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wait until I have completed all of the authorized services before I can bill?
No, in fact we encourage you to bill us either after each session or every other. This helps us identify if the client is following through with their plan.

Can I have the payment sent directly to my bank account instead of getting a check?
Please contact the office that issued you the authorization. Ask to speak with the Executive Secretary.

How do I know how to contact the client by phone, when their phone number is not on the authorization?
In most cases, we have the client contact you, but if you need to contact them, please contact the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor who authorized the service to get more information.

If I want to change the address my checks are mailed to, who do I contact?
Please contact the office that issued you the authorization. Ask to speak with the Executive Secretary.

Do I need to provide an invoice to get paid?
You can, if you prefer, but it is very easy to use our authorization’s billing section at the bottom of the form. You would need to enter the date of service in the “Date” section, a description of your services in the “Services/Materials Provided” box, and the amount you are charging for this service in the “Charge” box. It is very important that you complete this by signing and dating the last line of the authorization.

How do I get another authorization when I have completed this one and I think that the client needs more services?
Most likely the counselor will notice that all services have been provided and they need to issue another authorization. However, to be sure, you can add a note at the bottom of the authorization that you are using for billing say: “Last session, please provide another authorization”. If you don’t get one right away, please contact the counselor.

What do I need to include in the in the “Services/Materials Provided” box?
A short description of your services, such as “Therapy Session.”

If the client doesn’t show up to the appointment, is it permissible to charge a “No Show” fee? What amount are you willing to pay?
We do allow for one “No Show” during the case of each client. This is a one-time $25 charge that we are willing to pay.

Do I need to provide a progress report with every billing?
Yes. We need to show our auditors what benefits are derived from the service that we are paying for.

Who should I contact if I have a vendor payment discrepancy, question, or issue?
Call the office that issued the authorization and ask to speak with the Executive Secretary.

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