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Client Services Manual

Client Services Memos

Memo: High Quality Indicator for Job Placement during COVID-19 06-2021

Memo: Use of Dental Consultant and Dental Fee Schedule, Policy Clarification 05-2021

Memo: Virtual Services by CRPs

Memo: WIOA Common Performance Measures 01-2018

Memo: Use of Licensed Mental Health Providers 10-2017

Memo: Transition and Pre-Employment Transition Services 11-2016

Memo: Pell Grant Award/Denial Requirement 07-2016

Memo: Temporary Guidance for Customized Employment and Discovery Revised 06-2016

Memo: USOR Higher Education Late Fee Policy 05-2015

Memo: USOR Workplace Safety Policy 03-2011

Memo: Purchase of Firearms for VR Clients 02-2006

Memo: Flight Training 03-2005

Memo: Business Customized Training (BCT)