State Employment Pathways for People with Disabilities

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The Utah State Office of Rehabilitation proudly serves individuals with disabilities through a variety of services. Our clients vary from youth to adults. We help them successfully prepare for and participate in the workforce.

Individuals with disabilities can enter employment with the state of Utah through two unique programs — Alternative State Application Program or Work Ability Internship Program. These programs provide full-time employment and internship opportunities.

Alternative State Application Program

The Alternative State Application Program (ASAP) was adopted as a law in Utah in 2010. It is intended to help the state of Utah become a model employer in the hiring and retention of qualified individuals with disabilities. ASAP allows for non-competitive review and potential hire of qualified candidates and creates a potentially faster way for hiring managers to fill vacancies.

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Work Ability Internship Program

Several state of Utah agencies, including the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, offer Work Ability Internships for people with disabilities. These internships provided paid, work-based learning experiences in entry and mid-level positions. The WAI program serves to help individuals with disabilities learn new skills, establish a network of professional contacts, explore career paths in state government and increase readiness to obtain permanent employment.

  • Aaron Thompson,
    Rehabilitation Services Director,
  • Leah Lobato, Director, Governor's
    Committee on Employment of
    People with Disabilities & Business
    Relations Director,

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How to qualify to participate?

To qualify, candidates must meet minimum qualifications for the job and provide documentation of their disability.

Adequate documentation includes:

  • Schedule A letter
  • SSDI or SSI documentation
  • Veterans Administration Certification
  • Letter from Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Department of Human Resource Management form letter signed by a physician

All documentation that determines the nature and extent of a disability will be kept secure, confidential and maintained by program coordinators.

How to apply?

When an eligible position becomes available, candidates apply through the state of Utah’s online application system. Once the application is completed, the candidate notifies the program coordinator, Rachel Dodge at (801) 538-3025 or The program coordinator will work with the agency’s recruiter to determine if the hiring manager would like to participate in ASAP or Work Ability and follow up with the candidate.

Current State of Utah Job Openings

The State of Utah is an equal opportunity employer currently employing more than 22,000 Utahans throughout 30 different state agencies. This includes people with disabilities. Employment opportunities span the entire state from the red rocks in Southern Utah to the mountain ranges in the north and everything in between.