Vocational Rehabilitation

A client and employee together with a dog

Helping people with disabilities address their unique barriers and achieve employment.

We connect our clients with services to support their vocational goals. We accomplish this through professional vocational counseling and guidance, and with opportunities through partnerships with employers, school districts, higher education and other agencies. Learn about the application process.

We assist our clients through the following services:

  • Employment Services 

    Providing services to help individuals find competitive, integrated employment.

  • Utah Work Incentive Planning Services 

    Helping individuals make informed choices about how employment affects their benefits.

  • Utah Center for Assistive Technology

    Offering assistive technology assistance to individuals with disabilities maximize their independence.

  • Utah Assistive Technology Teams

    Empowering students with disabilities through assistive technology.

  • Employer Services 

    Educating local business partners about disabilities in the workplace and 503 compliance.

  • Student Transition Services

    Providing services to students with disabilities as they transition to adulthood and prepare to enter the workforce.

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