Ticket to Work

Ticket to Work

Ticket to Work and Work Incentive Improvement

The Ticket to Work Program is for individuals between the ages of 18-64 who are actively receiving a Social Security disability benefit: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The Ticket to Work program makes it possible for individuals to test their ability to work without losing their benefits.

Why Participate in the Ticket to Work Program?

Individuals who participate in Vocational Rehabilitation and enroll in Ticket to Work receive a suspension from Social Security disability reviews while they are actively involved with Vocational Rehabilitation. This means that the Social Security Administration cannot initiate a continuing disability review (CDR) to determine whether your medical condition has improved.

Community Partners / Employment Networks

Vocational Rehabilitation has partnership arrangements with Employment Networks in order to facilitate seamless services for ongoing support once an individual transitions out of Vocational Rehabilitation. The goal is to help maintain the successful job placement; and hopefully increase earnings over time. Employment Networks help our clients with:

  • Job placement
  • Job accommodations
  • Ongoing employment support services
  • Access to work incentive planning
  • Facilitation of wage reporting to the Social Security Administration
  • Career planning (after vocational rehabilitation services have ended to help achieve long term employment success)
  • Information and referral

To find an Employment Network, or to get more information about Ticket to Work, visit: choosework.ssa.gov/findhelp.

Work Incentives

The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs offer a number of employment support provisions commonly referred to as "work incentives." These rules are tools that beneficiaries can use to reduce their "countable" earnings to temporarily keep cash benefits while initially exploring work.

For information about Social Security Work Incentives, please refer to The Red Book – A Guide to Work Incentives: ssa.gov/redbook

To lean more about Ticket to Work, visit: yourtickettowork.ssa.gov


Noreen Roeca
Ticket to Work Program Specialist