Choose to Work

USOR Job Fair

Choose to Work helps Utah businesses across all industries — at no cost — meet their diverse workforce needs with customized services and qualified applicants. Choose to Work provides Utah businesses with qualified and job-ready individuals. Choose to Work employment specialists provide preparation and placement services to Utah job seekers with disabilities.

Choose To Work also provides a variety of support and services to business partners as they navigate recruiting, hiring and retaining individuals with disabilities. Connect with us today to find out what resources are available to your business, as well as create linkage agreements to meet affirmative action plan (AAP) goals.

There are many benefits of hiring and being hired through Choose to Work:

  • A diverse workforce can create better solutions to business challenges.
  • Employees with disabilities have equal or higher job performance rates, higher retention rates and lower absenteeism.
  • Potential for business tax credits.
  • Employees with disabilities represent a diverse customer base and give business an advantage to a broader market base.
  • People with disabilities bring unique characteristics and skills to the workforce.


Leah Lobato, Director