Tax Credits and Incentives

Businesses can access tax credits and incentives when employing people with disabilities. 

  • The WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) is a federal tax credit of up to $2,400 for a qualifying business. This amount increases up to $9,000 when hiring other targeted populations such as disabled veterans, long term family assistance recipients, etc. Using the WOTC can be facilitated by the PWDNET Team.
  • A business who becomes an Employment Network in the Social Security Ticket to Work program can receive up to $23,000 over a period of several years. The Employment Network provides supports to the employees who have a disability. The PWDNET Team can assist you in this process to become an Employment Network.
  • A business who directly provides specific job training to individuals with disabilities may also utilize On the Job Training. On the Job Training is a program with the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation. The business is reimbursed a training fee based on both the business’s effort and the employee’s needs.

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