Summary of Benefits Planning Study

How Benefits Planning Affects Employment Outcomes

In 2011, researchers from the University of Utah conducted a study to determine how benefits planning affects the employment outcomes of Utah Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) clients. The study focused on if the receipt of a written benefits analysis from UBPAO (UWIPS) result in better VR outcomes in terms of employment, closure status and earnings? Note: Utah Work Incentive Planning Services (UWIPS) was previously known as Utah Benefits Planning Assistance and Outreach Program (UBPAO). Read the Benefits Planning Study.

Here are some of the study conclusions:

    • Overall, the study found that the program had a positive effect on employment, and that recipients were more likely to have a closure status of successfully employed.
    • VR clients that received services had higher earnings than those who did not participate, after their case was closed.
    • The written analysis employed by the program has shown to have positive effects on the likelihood of employment for participants. Individuals who have received a written analysis are 18.4 percent more likely to be employed than those who did not, for the first quarter after closure.

Those who received a written analysis were 16.84 percent more likely to have the closure status of “successfully employed.”