Job Readiness Workshops

Prepare your students for the workplace with the skills they will learn in The Job Readiness Workshop. This 10-part workshop series teaches students the basic skills necessary to be successful in the workplace.

The Job Readiness Workshop curriculum was developed based on USOR need, national research on youth with disabilities and employment, and successful job clubs. The workshops are designed to educate students with disabilities on self- discovery, job-readiness, job-seeking, and job-keeping.

Each workshop provides powerpoints, student workbooks (with reflective questions and note-taking pages), and activity suggestions and resources. The curriculum is set up in a 10-week format, but may be adapted by the VR counselor to meet the teacher’s schedule and student needs. Youth will also learn about the support and services available through the VR Program.

To schedule a Job Readiness workshop, contact the USOR Transition Coordinator or your local Vocational Rehabilitation Transition Counselor.

Workbooks and Guide Manuals

Counselor Guidance Manual

Student Workbook

Teacher Information Guide

Workshop Powerpoints

Workshop 1: The Value of Work

Workshop 2: Self-Advocacy and Communication

Workshop 3: Career Exploration

Workshop 4: My Skills and Goals

Workshop 5: Making a Good Impression

Workshop 6: Creating a Resume

Workshop 7: Job Applications

Workshop 8: Searching for a Job

Workshop 9: Understanding the Interview Process

Workshop 10: ADA and Staying Motivated