Throughput Infrastructure Fund

SB 246

In 2016, the Utah Legislature passed SB 246 - Funding for Infrastructure Revisions. The bill established the Throughput Infrastructure Fund and allocated $53 million for loans or grants to eligible projects, which could include an electrical transmission line, short line railroad, deepwater port or pipeline for liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons. The fund will be administered by the Community Impact Board, which provides loans and grants to counties, cities and towns that are impacted by mineral resource development on federal lands.

SB 248

In 2019, the Utah Legislature passed SB 248 – Throughput Infrastructure Amendments. The bill imposes requirements for the first throughput infrastructure project, dictating that it shall be a bulk commodities ocean terminal project. The applicant shall be from an interlocal agency created to undertake a bulk commodities ocean terminal project.  The Board shall grant up to 2 percent of the money in the fund to the agency for costs incurred before the acquisition of the project, and shall fund the agency's application if it meets the Baord's criteria.

Throughput Infrastructure Fund Project Funding Process