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Who is Eligible to Register in WebGrants?

You must be the designated representative of a unit of local government or a nonprofit, in Utah, that is eligible to apply for a grant or loan in a specific program administered by Utah Housing and Community Development Division. Your first step is to go to the Program Area and Program of interest (HCD Programs link above), read about current offerings eligibility criteria, and procedure. There may be a requirement to attend a training before being eligible, or to fulfill other requirements before you are ready to register.

Opportunities generally occur once per year and the dates are different for different programs.

What is WebGrants?

WebGrants is an online grants management system. It simplifies and automates applying for grants and loans, awarding them, servicing them and compiling federal reports. It also simplifies and automates compliance and reporting by the organization receiving the grant or loan.

What Is RFF-Lite? (RFF = Request for Funds)

RFF-Lite is an advanced financial process for submitting contractually approved claims. Grantees qualify for the Lite program when they meet the accounting and management requirements of the HCD Program Managers who administer the Awards. It greatly speeds up the reimbursement process.