Community Development

Utah’s Community Development Office builds local capacity to help communities become self-reliant, self-determined and prepared for the future. Programs managed by the office work closely together to provide funding for infrastructure alongside tools and resources to help communities with coordination, training, research and analysis, planning and technical assistance.

Community Development Office Planners

Our planners support rural Utah communities by facilitating communication and coordination between stakeholders, offering planning and technical assistance, and developing and delivering training, tools, and resources. Learn More

Community Development Block Grant Program

The State of Utah Community Development Block Grant program provides grants to cities and towns of fewer than 50,000 people and counties of fewer than 200,000 people. "How to apply" workshops are held statewide in October and November. Contact your local Association of Government (AOG) office for dates and locations. Learn More

Revitalization Funds

The Native American Revitalization funds were created to maximize the long term benefit of oil and gas severance taxes derived from land held in trust by the Federal Government for the Ute (UBRF) and Navajo (NRF) tribes. The funds were construed to promote cooperation and coordination between the state, its political subdivisions and the impacted tribes.

Community Impact Board Programs

The Utah Permanent Community Impact Fund Board (CIB) provides loans and/or grants to state agencies and subdivisions of the state which may be socially or economically impacted by mineral resource development on federal lands. Learn More

Private Activity Bonds

The Private Activity Bond Program is Utah’s tax-exempt bonding authority creating a lower cost, long-term source of capital for housing, manufacturing, student loans and more. Learn More