Weatherization Assistance Program

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Intermountain Weatherization Training Center


The primary purpose of the new Intermountain Weatherization Training Center (IWTC) is to provide state-of-the-art training to Weatherization technicians for making existing homes more energy efficient.  It is an all weather training facility comprised of 14,000 square feet located inside a large warehouse facility.  As scheduling allows, this training center will also be made available as a resource to other interested entities, energy partners, contractors, utilities, educational organizations and others interested in residential energy efficiency and green building and construction techniques.  The training center is equipped to provide practical "hands-on" training in:

  • Traditional vs. advanced energy efficient building practices
  • Whole house pressure diagnostics and air leakage testing using blower doors, pressure pans, etc.
  • Duct sealing and pressure testing using "duct blaster" technology
  • Infrared thermography of building components
  • XRF identification of existing lead-based paint
  • Attic, wall, floor, foundation and duct insulation
  • HVAC installation, repair, diagnostics, venting and duct fabrication
  • Energy efficient lighting technologies
  • Computer based training of all types

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Phone:  801-626-3320

Location:  Freeport Center Building, A 16-D, Clearfield, UT  84016