Programs + Support

The Community Development Office, Regional Planning professionals, and universities offer several programs to assist rural cities and towns with community development. 

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Regional Planning Program

The Community Development Office works closely with Regional Planners in each Association of Government region in order to provide direct assistance to communities. Contact your Regional Planner 

Rural Coordinating Council

Coordinated by the Community Development Office, the Rural Coordinating Council is a grassroots initiative that seeks to better allocate time, resources, and strategies in rural Utah by increasing communication and collaboration with state and federal agencies, universities, and statewide organizations. Learn more

Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative

The Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative is a voluntary initiative to link communities, tribes, businesses, state and federal agencies, and citizens in a collaborative effort to: celebrate the view of the cosmos; minimize the impact of outdoor lighting; and protect natural nighttime skies and restore natural darkness in areas where it has been degraded. The Cooperative encourages community-based, landscape-scale approaches to night sky conservation and recognizes civic engagement is the foundation for a shared stewardship of our starry sky heritage. Learn more


Mapping and Technical Assistance Program

The Mapping and Technical Assistance Program provides rural municipalities with resources to overcome actual and perceived barriers to using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The program connects municipalities with appropriate state, regional, and local resources and provides basic mapping and geospatial analysis assistance to small towns with limited capacity.

Planning Consultant Compilation and Procurement

This program provides communities support when desiring to contract with a private consultant on planning and related activities. Support includes a guide on procurement, a directory of planning consultants, a sample RFP for a general plan, and direct assistance provided by the State of Utah’s Division of Purchasing. 

Utah Student Community Assistance Program

The Utah Student Community Assistance Program exists as a hub to connect communities with projects and classes, student groups, and individual students interested in obtaining real world experience while making a difference.