Navajo Revitalization Fund

The Navajo Revitalization Fund was created to maximize the long term benefit of oil and gas severance taxes derived from lands held in trust by the Federal Government for the Navajo Nation and its members living in Utah.  It was construed to promote cooperation and coordination between the state, its political subdivisions and the tribe.

Statutory Authority

The Navajo Revitalization Fund (NRF) is a program of the State of Utah authorized in Section 35A-8-1701, et seq.  The goal of the NRF is to maximize the long-term benefits of state severance taxes paid on oil and natural gas production by providing grants and/or loans to agencies of county or tribal government in San Juan County which are impacted by the development of oil and gas interests in Utah held in trust for the Navajo Nation and its members.

Board Membership

The NRF is controlled by a five-member board composed of a governor's designee, two members of the San Juan County Commission whose districts include portions of the Navajo Reservation, the chair of the Navajo Utah Commission or his designee, and a president of one of the seven chapters located in Utah or his designee.

The Housing and Community Development Division (HCD) within the Utah Department of Workforce Services (DWS) provides administrative and operational support to the NRF.

Eligible Applicants

The NRF may authorize grants and/or loans to the Navajo Nation and its departments or divisions; any Utah Navajo Chapter, as defined in Section 35A-8-1701; the Navajo Utah Commission; Utah state agencies or subdivisions; the Utah Navajo Royalties Holding Fund; or nonprofit corporations that are or may be socially or economically impacted, directly or indirectly, by mineral resource development.

Priority Projects

  • Capital projects and infrastructure, including electrical power, water, and other one-time need projects.
  • Housing projects including purchase of new housing, construction of new housing or significant remodeling of existing housing.
  • Matching educational endowments that promote economic development; promote Navajo culture, history and language; support postsecondary educational opportunities for Navajo students.

Prohibited Activities

  • Start-up or operational costs of private business ventures. 
  • General operating budgets of the eligible entities.
  • Projects or programs operating or located outside the Reservation in San Juan County.

Funding Process

  • The NRF reviews applications and authorizes funding assistance on a periodic basis.  Meetings are generally held every other month.  With the high cost of travel several of these meeting are conducted via teleconference.  At least one meeting a year is held at one of the seven Utah Chapter Houses.  The remaining meetings are held in Blanding, generally at the Navajo Royalties Trust Fund offices.  Applications are submitted to the Housing and Community Development Division, which prepares the board agenda, including financial statements and minutes.  

Funding Allocations

For the 2019 funding cycle, $453,442 in revenue was deposited into the fund from oil and gas severance taxes.  The allocation of the funds is listed in the chart below.  Some of this year’s projects were funded by unused monies from previous projects. Likewise, some existing projects received additional new funding.

Funding Guidelines

  • Matching of NRF funds is no longer required; however, priority is given to applicants that include matching monies or in-king serviced.  
  • Each year, at the October meeting, the NRF board allocates its annual revenue between Non-Chapter Projects and a separate set-aside for each of the seven Utah Navajo Chapters.

Approved Projects 2015-2017









Project Type

Number of Projects

 $ Amount

Number of Projects

 $ Amount

Number of Projects

 $ Amount



 $      311,800


 $      900,000


 $      353,053



 $   1,674,624


 $      833,345


 $      351,335



 $        15,799


 $        79,771


 $        15,000

Public Safety


 $        20,000


 $        40,000


 $          5,000



 $      230,000


 $      879,176





 $      377,878


 $      215,716


 $      1,269,550



 $ 2,630,101


*$  2,948,008


*$  1,993,942

*Annual allocation exceeds annual revenue due to un-allocated and re-allocated funds

NRF Board Members

(As of 1/1/19)

Member Representing
Keith Heaton, Chairman Governor’s Designee
Willie Grayeyes San Juan County Commission
Kenneth Maryboy San Juan County Commission
James Adakai Chapter President - Oljato  
Herman Farley Navajo Utah Commission

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