Shelter Plus Care

The Shelter Plus Care (S+C) Program is Federally Funded through the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  The S+C program provides rental assistance in connection with supportive services.  The program provides a variety of permanent housing choices, accompanied by a range of supportive services funded through other sources.  S+C assists hard to serve homeless individuals with disabilities and their families.  These individuals primarily include those with serious mental illness, chronic problems with alcohol and/or drugs, and HIV/AIDS or related diseases.

To ensure that the neediest of the homeless population are being served, grantees must provide needed supportive services-matching rental assistance with an equal amount of supportive services from other sources.  Other Federal, State, or local sources, as well as private sources may fund the supportive services. In addition to record keeping and evaluation that grantees may conduct for their own purposes, they must adhere to HUD-required record keeping plus a formalized annual project review (the Annual Performance Report).

Grants under S+C Program are awarded through a national competition held annually.  A notice of funding availability, published in the Federal Register, establishes submission dates for applications.  S+C projects should be submitted through their Continuum of Care  partners to administer the S+C program.