State Homeless Coordinating Committee


Vision: Everyone has access to safe, decent, affordable housing with the needed resources and supports for self-sufficiency and well being.

The Homeless Coordinating Committee,Chaired by the Lt. Governor, whose members are appointed by the governor, directs state and federal funds to homeless and housing service providers throughout the state. The Committee was enacted by law in 1986. Resources include money from the Pamela Atkinson Homeless Trust Fund, Critical Needs Housing, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Emergency Solutions Grant, and revenues generated by voluntary contributions to the Homeless Trust Fund via state tax returns.

The State Homeless Coordinating Committee provides oversight and approves allocations of funding for providers of homeless services. The committee ensures that services provided to the homeless are utilized in a cost-effective manner and works to facilitate a better understanding of homelessness. Programs are devoted to emergency housing, self-sufficiency, placement in employment or occupational training activities, special services to meet unique needs of the homeless with mental illness and those who are part of families with children. Contracts are awarded to providers based on need, diversity of geographic location, coordination with or enhancement of existing services, and the use of volunteers.